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Mousepads do you still use one?

A quick question do you still use a mousepad?


Here is a small sample of what we made right here in our shop. The first question is can we have a pricelist. Sure here it is a link to our pricelist. We make these in our shop at 3 Corlett Illovo in Johannesburg. We do the full colour printing, matt laminating, mounting onto foam and then our secret weapon we laser cut the mousepads. (BTW we also run paperkutz in the same shop)

With our capabilities we make many different shapes and have decided to punt this.

New ideas for mousepad shapes

Shaped Mousepads

We made a cheese, a laptop and a tshirt mousepad as seen above. With our laser cutter we can cut any shape let  your imagination go wild.

Shaped mousepad

Tshirt and laptop mousepad

My favourite new mousepad is the cheese shape mousepad. What self respecting mouse wouldn’t thrive on a cheese mousepad.

new cheese shape mousepad

cheese mousepad

Here are some tips on mousepad marketing.

The ideal corporate giveaway
Don’t just give them a business card on your sales team’s next client call. A mousepad is not only a reminder of your contact, it’s also a way to expand your message. Highlight your key Exclusive Selling Points on your mousepad and see how quickly people start to associate these points with your company or promotion.

Joint mousepad promotions
Think about partnering with other businesses and expanding your distribution and sharing the costs. Computer service companies can partner with hardware  suppliers and even cell phone suppliers; Real Estate agents can partner with banks, insurance companies and lawyers.

Increase repeat traffic to your website
Designing your web site as an essential sales tool today. But a web site is not enough. What better way to remind your clients of your website than to have your message and web address on their mousepad. With a great mousepad, they will find you over and over again.

Message reinforcement  
All day, every day your clients and potential clients click away with your mousepad right in front of them, seeing your message and contact details all the time. A great mousepad with a smart design will take pride of place on your client’s desk.

Annual replacement
Think about including a calendar in your design and then send a mousepad out yearly to replace the old one. It surprises you how often a calendar mousepad becomes an invaluable resource; clients will even phone up and ask for next years mousepad.
Whether you want to reach your staff with a key message or to reinforce your message to your existing customers or new clients, a smartly designed mousepad delivers results, all the time.


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