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2016 Calendars

Print Image has a wide range of calendars for 2016.

High impact wall calendars are a favourite and printed full colour on 170 GSM gloss with you details printed in 1,2 or full colour in the space provided. There are 12 different themes available. As can be seen below.

These calendars can also be printed as A2 calendars, or send us your own design in PDF format. Ask us for the specs to be followed. Then we can also design the calendars with your photos and products .

Calendars from Print Image come in many different sizes and forms, hey we could even do a mousepad calendar and then custom cut that into an unforgettable shape for you. ( We have a laser cutter for this!)

Print Image A1 Calendars p1

Print Image A1 Calendars p1

2016 Calendars

Print Image A1 Calendars P2











Why Calendars?

Calendar are one of the best ways to build recognition for your brand and gather leads or make sales. Distributing free calendars to your target customers gives you an excuse to visit existing and prospective customers, it puts your company in their face 366 days a year (nest year is a leap year). Giving away calendars is a fun and unobtrusive way to get some face time with your  customers, they are a highly cost efficient way to market. Of course, just any calendar won’t do — you have to know how to take advantage of calendar marketing to optimize your response.

The following calendar marketing essentials will put you on the right track:

Market to your audience

You can also reach a broader audience by using one of our tried and tested themes or get a specific design to highlight  just how you can help your customers. The important thing to remember is that if you can engage your customer with your calendar, you’ll double your efficiency without doubling your costs.

Promote yourself

Calendars offer the perfect opportunity to aggressively promote your products and services on a daily basis. Use icons and images to highlight special sales, discounts and events. If you sell seasonal products include seasonal checklists on the calendar. A hardware store, for example, might include a spring cleaning checklist in August and a winter preparation checklist in May.

The goal is to help your customers think about what they need and to tell them you can provide it. Include special offers, discounts and calls to action throughout your calendar; and give your audience a heads-up the month before with a small, yet prominent, upcoming events box.

An eye for ROI

Just because most businesses think that calendars are only good for branding doesn’t mean you can’t harness the power of a daily message as a direct-marketing piece. Include cut-out coupons each month for your specials so you can track your returns on investment.

To increase returns on investment from the start, you should also print your calendars in big quantities. Print as many as you’ll distribute in one run to keep your cost per calendar low, thus increasing your profit per sale.

When it comes to calendar marketing, your job is to think outside the box. Give your audience an memorable calendar that has value, and you’ll boost  your brand and your return on investment.


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